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Know Your Sticker: Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

Know Your Sticker: Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

Know Your Sticker: Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

From Hydro Flasks and laptops to lampposts and helmets, there are endless places you can put your vinyl stickers. But what happens when your Hydro Flask goes through the dishwasher or a big storm wreaks havoc on your bike helmet or bumper? 

As a sticker collector, it’s important that you know where your stickers are coming from and whether they are durable enough to withstand the elements of nature. Curious about vinyl stickers and how they compare to Big Moods vinyl stickers? Keep reading to get answers about this sticky situation.

Can Vinyl Stickers Get Wet?

While vinyl stickers are made to be stronger than the ordinary paper sticker, it doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to get wet. Vinyl stickers on their own are not waterproof; it’s what the printing manufacturers put on them that makes them waterproof. 

However, not all vinyl stickers are made to get wet. Let’s talk more about what it means for a vinyl sticker to be waterproof.

Are Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

Typically, there are different levels of water resistance when it comes to vinyl stickers because there are different levels of quality between stickers and manufacturers.

Some vinyl stickers can get wet, some are water resistant, some are waterproof and some are even dishwasher safe. Overall, it depends on what each sticker is made and coated with.

While it is most common for vinyl stickers to be water resistant, waterproof stickers are not scarce; you just have to know what to look for.

When looking for a waterproof vinyl sticker, it’s most important to pay attention to what a sticker is coated with. Lamination is one of the most popular waterproof coatings used when manufacturing vinyl stickers because it helps protect the sticker from sun and water. Another benefit to lamination is that it can also increase a vinyl sticker’s lifespan by 3 to 5 years!

Are Vinyl Stickers Dishwasher Safe?

Many companies claim to have dishwasher safe vinyl stickers, but just to be safe, I would stick with hand washing your Hydro Flasks unless you know they’re for sure dishwasher safe.

With that being said, however, there are some companies like Big Moods that do manufacture vinyl stickers to withstand the most aggressive dishwashers. 

How Are Big Moods Stickers Made?

Being printed on high-quality vinyl and coated with a protective laminate and waterproof adhesive, Big Moods stickers are made to withstand any element thrown at them.

The stickers are fade resistant for three to five years which protects them against sunlight, and the thick, durable vinyl protects from scratching, tearing and rain.

The front adhesive stickers are 12 mils (304 microns) thick total and the peeled sticker is 4.5 mils (114 microns) thick.

Their versatility and strength make them perfect for any surface, including cars, water bottles, lampposts, signs and helmets.

Are Big Moods Stickers Waterproof?

Big Moods stickers are water resistant,so they can survive in high-moisture environments and outlast harsh weather!

That means you can take your stickers with you on adventures around the world, from the beach to the rainforest to the mountains, without having to worry about the color fading or the surface scratching.

Are Big Moods Stickers Dishwasher Safe?

Big Moods stickers are known for being dishwasher safe, which will speed up your drinkware cleaning process in the kitchen. In fact, Big Moods stickers can be washed repeatedly in the dishwasher without fading. Of course they can be hand washed too!

Are Redbubble Stickers Waterproof?

It is debatable whether Redbubble stickers are waterproof or not, but they are certainly water resistant! That means Redbubble stickers can get wet, but they might not all be waterproof or dishwasher safe. Make sure to take necessary precautions if you have Redbubble stickers by not getting them wet for long periods of time, and hand washing them instead of running them through the dishwasher. 

If you want a vinyl sticker that is  durable, look at what Big Moods has to offer!

Waterproof Stickers For Bottles

There’s a reason why 91% of Big Moods sticker reviews are 5 stars; they simply have the best quality vinyl stickers!

If you’re looking to add some personalization to your Hydro Flask or car, check out the waterproof and dishwasher safe stickers that are trending on Big Moods! They offer a variety of collections, from Stranger Things to Vines to mental health awareness stickers.

If you have any questions about Big Moods stickers, click here!