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Country Boy I Love You Vine

Know Your Vine: Country Boy I Love You

Know Your Vine: Country Boy I Love You

Country Boy I Love You

Vine: Country Boy I Love You

When: 2013

Where: Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Video Description: None (there was nothing under the vine)

Country Boy I Love You: The History

Like so many country songs before this absolute anthem, Jada Reilee sings of her love to a country boy. Jada doesn’t specify who the country boy is, where he’s from, or what he’s done to capture his heart, but it doesn’t matter. Along with the iconic “Country Boy I love you” is her closing tongue wag and eyebrow raise which seals her infatuation with the nameless country boy. Jada is like every young girl with a middle school crush, she just can’t contain her feelings and took to Vine to express them. 

Here’s the original Vine from 2013:


Over the years, people often reference Country Boy I Love You when talking about actual country boys or, more specifically, country singers. And of course there's this gem from Tumblr:

country boy I love you



The Perfect Reference: 

If you haven’t heard this reference yet in your casual conversation, here’s how to use “Country Boy I Love You.” When you are with your boy, whether or not he IS a Country Boy, try using the line, making sure that you also use the flirty tongue wag and eyebrow raise. You can also use this line to express to your friends that this “Country Boy” you see is WORTH giving your love to.

Country Boy Merch: 

And when you’re ready to exclaim your love for your own Country Boy, raise your eyebrows to Big Mood’s for their Country Boy I Love You Sticker.



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