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Water Bottles

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Stainless Steel Water Bottles

We've teamed up with Liberty Water Bottles to bring you high quality stainless steel water bottles. These are perfect to decorate with your Big Moods Stickers. Bundle them with stickers for the ultimate gift!


1. Lifetime Warranty.

2. Will hold ice for 72 hours, hot beverages 8 hours.

3. Made with 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

4. FDA-approved, and BPA/BPS Free.

5. Deep drawn steel construction means less dents.

6. Exterior is powder coated and heat treated for structural integrity.

7. Wide mouth is big enough for ice cubes.

8. Engraved with Big Moods Logo.


1. 32-ounce

2. Insulating, Double-Wall construction prolongs beverage temperature (72hrs/cold, 8hrs/hot)

3. Finish assembled, powder coated, and printed in U.S.A

4. Patented Vacuum technology and thicker stainless steel for superior insulation and durability.



1. Hand wash recommended (as Big Moods stickers will keep longer).
2. Top Shelf dishwashing approved.