Meme stickers are a great way of sharing your love for memes. And you can place them almost anywhere, including phone cases, cars, guitar cases, windows, laptops, water bottles - whatever. If you consider yourself to be a VSCO girl, you can even put them on your Hydroflask or iPhone.   

The best part about having vine stickers, meme stickers, laptop stickers, and funny stickers is that they will not only make you laugh every time you open your laptop or fill up your water bottle, but they will make other people laugh too. Having high-quality vinyl stickers and decals is important so that your stickers can spread laughter to others, without having to worry about them falling off or breaking.

Big Moods has sticker sheets and pack stickers to meet each and every one of your sticker needs. We even have a meme sticker pack and are always coming out with new stickers too!

Internet Meme Stickers: Our Faves

Look At All Those Chickens sticker - One of our most popular meme stickers was inspired by the viral Vine clip of a little girl misidentifying a flock of geese as chickens. The video is from 2013 and is perhaps one of the biggest Vine era memes, with millions of views on Vine and even more on youtube now that Vine is no more.

Let's Get This Bread sticker - Likely started from the 2007 rap song Let's Get This Paper by Rich Boy, Let's Get This Bread became an ironic phrase on Twitter. Users mocked online hustler culture by posting images of themselves getting ready for work. Notable examples include such jobs as Chuck E Cheese and the Baskin Robbins mascot. From 2018 forward this internet meme exploded. 

Hi, Welcome To Chili’s sticker - Another viral Vine video, this one from the popular Viner Adam Perkins mocks the classic "Welcome to Chili's" restaurant commercial. The video features Adam approaching his bathroom mirror wearing only boxers and repeating Chili's catchphrase. Extremely random but it's still a relevant meme that's still used today.

Crocs aesthetic sticker - These goofy but functional footwear have become an online joke and internet meme. While there isn’t a format associated with Crocs, it’s more of an ironic fashion trend and in-joke. Just wearing Crocs is itself the meme, which mocks people who wear them in earnest.

Not Today Satan sticker - Classic phrase from RuPual's Drag Race by Bianca Del Rio, one of the show's wittiest contestants. It's a sassy comeback that's now used just about everywhere because it can fit so many different situations

OK Boomer vinyl sticker - Internet meme of unknown origin, OK Boomer is a phrase used by Millennials and younger generations to call out or dismiss common arguments made by Baby Boomers. It quickly spread through Twitter and social media and can be used in just about any situation. It even spread into politics, with young politicians using the phrase.


Believe it or not, the word “meme” was actually first used by an evolutionary biologist named Richard Dawkins in 1976. Dawkins used the word meme to describe how people transmit social and cultural ideas to each other.

In the early days of the Internet, funny memes were mostly sent through email or posted on public discussion pages. Some of the first internet memes were Hamster Dance, LOLCats, and Dancing Baby, or Baby Cha-Cha. The world of internet memes as many people know it today began with the rise of web search engines, internet forums, and social media like Twitter, Reddit, TikTok and Vine.

Some early internet memes are the thug life and bro memes. The thug life meme typically includes the phrase, “I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me” and ironically features images depicting white suburban stereotypes. Bro memes like “Come At Me Bro,” “Cool Story, Bro,” and “Do You Even Lift, Bro?” became extremely popular. 

The Office has also created many popular memes. These include “No God, Please No!,” “That’s What She Said,” “Did I Stutter?,” and “I am Beyonce Always” memes. 

Internet memes now include emojis, GIFs, and videos. Bongo Cat is an internet meme that features a GIF of a cat playing the bongos. This meme originated on Twitter.

Another example is the VSCO Girl meme. The term VSCO girl is a teenage girl who uses the VSCO photo editing app and has a certain style which includes wearing scrunchies on her wrist, having a Hydroflask, and wearing trendy clothing and accessories.

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