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iPhone Wallpaper

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Introducing Big Moods' digital wallpapers! These fun, unique, and uplifting designs are the perfect low cost addition to freshen up your phone screen. Decorate iPhones, android phones, tablets, and more.

Cute iPhone wallpaper

Big Moods has a wide selection of cute wallpapers to choose from for your iphone, android, or mobile device. Every month we release fresh new designs including cute aesthetic wallpaper, nature, outdoors, positivity, mental health, travel, memes, fall, Christmas, spring, summer, and more.

Aesthetic iPhone wallpaper

Shop wallpapers for your mobile device that matches any aesthetic. Big Moods digital wallpapers have aesthetic wallpaper designs including Yellow, Tie Dye, Pink, Blue, Black Wallpaper, Multicolor, Boho, Floral, Seasonal, Holiday, and more. Our hd digital wallpaper fits any mobile device include iphone x, iphone 11, iphone 11 pro, iphone 12, iphone 12 pro, iphone 12 pro max, and more.



What is a digital wallpaper?

A digital wallpaper is an image that can be used to update the lock screen or background on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and more.

(Example of a Big Moods digital wallpaper on the lock screen of an iPhone!)

How do I buy a digital wallpaper?

In order to buy one of our digital wallpapers, all you have to do is add the wallpaper(s) you want to your cart and checkout like you would with a normal product.

How do I download my digital wallpaper?

After checking out you will then be able to download the image right from the thank you page! You will also receive an email with a receipt and instructions to download the image that way.

How do I add my digital wallpaper to my phone?

After downloading the digital wallpaper to your phone, follow these steps to add it as your lock screen or background:

Step 1: Open the photo on your phone

Step 2: “Select” the photo using the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen

Step 3: Scroll down and select “Use as Wallpaper” 

Step 4: Center the image however you want and select “Set”

Step 5: Choose your lock screen, home screen, or both!

Do I have to pay shipping?

Since our digital wallpapers are a purely digital product, no shipping and handling fees apply!


What's with the watermark?

The Big Moods logo watermark will not be on the wallpaper when you buy it! It is only on the product listing photo so that the wallpaper cannot be stolen without being purchased.

Why should I buy a digital wallpaper?

Most people look at their phone screen over 80 times a day. That is 2,400+ times over the course of one month! For less than 1 cup of coffee, you can brighten up your day and set your mood with any of our curated digital wallpapers! Not a bad investment for something that you’ll be looking at 80 times a day 😉