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The Moods Blog: And So It Begins

The Moods Blog: And So It Begins

The Moods Blog: And So It Begins

We’ve just launched the Moods Blog: a hub of stories and posts for college students. From social guides and study hints, to mental health and adulting tips, this is a community that’s talking about real struggles and offering honest thoughts and suggestions.

Wait, So Who Are You Again?

Great question. Big Moods by @Collegestudent creates relatable stickers (check out our vine stickers here) while also supporting an important cause. A portion of every sale from Big Moods goes to promote Active Minds, which is a charity that supports mental health education, research, and advocacy.

We like the idea of pairing a cool product with an organization that’s doing something good in the world, especially in colleges. Check out the full scoop on our partnership if you want all the details!

So a Sticker Company Is Writing About College…?

Yep! To help stickers resonate with our customers (you), we keep up to date on trends and the overall pulse of our culture. We do that anyway, after all we’re founded by @CollegeStudent (view and be amazed!). This blogs' goal is to provide more relevant posts and stories to keep you interested and in the loop.

Makes Sense. So Can I - Like - Write For You Sometime?

Totally. If you’re interested in writing a post for the Moods Blog, email us at Let us know what topic you want to write about or story you want to share. This should be a collaborative place, so send us your thoughts!

Great, Thanks! This Sounds Awesome.

Thanks, bae. This is awesome. We’re excited to start our content journey with new friends. If you want to be kept in the loop with what’s happening on the Moods Blog, cozy up to our subscribe button below.

Now - it’s time for us to grab some coffee and get to typing. See you on the other side!

-The Moods Blog