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it's an avocado thanks vine sticker

Know Your Vine: It's an Avocado...Thanks

Know Your Vine: It's an Avocado...Thanks

It's an avocado...thanks vine sticker

Vine: It’s an Avocado…Thanks

When: August 7, 2015

Where: New England

Vine Description:

When you are really good at pretending to like your birthday gifts.. #funny #toddler #cutebaby #baby #comedy #cute

It’s an Avocado…Thanks: The History

Most kids aren’t exactly the best at hiding their true feelings. If they like something, they tell you. And if they don’t…well, they’re pretty vocal about that too. It’s not until we get a little older that we start to develop a filter.

In 2015, Father Jeff Walters deliberately gave his son Henry an avocado for a birthday gift to test his manners. Walters had been teaching his son about good manners, explaining that, even if you don’t necessarily like a gift, you have to pretend to enjoy it and show appreciation to the person who gave it to you. The avocado was one test of many, as a couple days before his birthday, Henry’s mom, dad and uncle started wrapping up random gifts around the house – such as a coffee K-cup and an oven mitt.

As you may have seen from Jimmy Kimmel videos (some of which have been inspired by Henry), most kids aren’t great at showing appreciation for this kind of gift. When they get an unexpected or just unwanted gift, they’ll typically express their confusion, concern or (in a surprising amount of cases) full-on rage.

But Henry, who was only three years old at the time, passed his avocado test with flying colors. He genuinely seemed to like his gift, and his adorable “it’s an avocado thanks” response was absolutely precious. It also helps to know that, in addition to his coffee, oven mitt and avocado, he also received a much deserved monster truck. It was probably great for towing around his avocado.

Henry’s uncle, viner Jeffery Walters, filmed and uploaded the famous vine. The It’s an avocado vine has taken the world by storm, with the original vine getting 123.4 million loops, 655k likes and 321k revines – not mention all the re-uploads and compilations on YouTube.

Because of the renown that this vine received, a lot of people gave their loved ones - you guessed it - avocados for Christmas in 2015.

it's an avocado thanks legacy

In a later post, Jeffery Walters mentioned that Demi Lovato loved the vine so much that she Face Timed little Henry. There you have it. All you need to meet Demi Locato is some good manners and an avocado. Make a note of that.


Here’s the it's an avocado thanks vine from 2015:


Referencing It’s An Avocado…Thanks

If you haven’t heard this reference in the wild, here’s how “It’s an avocado thanks” works best: Whenever talking about a gift you receive that isn’t that great, try using this phrase. It’s a classic reference, and most vine-savvy people will catch on. The best thing about vines is that they’re almost like a secret code. And if you get it, you really get it. If they don’t get it, take a few moments to show them the it’s an avocado thanks vine.

Another opportunity to reference this vine is when talking about good manners. Be like the young gentleman Henry. That kid's got class.

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it's an avocado thanks sticker

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