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What Is a VSCO Girl?

What exactly is a VSCO girl? The VSCO trend (pronounced visco for any old people reading this) started on TikTok (doesn't everything?) - specifically connected with middle-class teenage girls. The name VSCO actually came from a photo-editing app, which allows you to enhance photos and edit them with tools like contrast, saturation and grain. The girls who used this app were also known for having certain behaviors on social platforms.

The VSCO girl is known for wearing wrist scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, sandals, and has been known to say sksksk, which are used to indicate smashing a keyboard. This appeal is real. Oh, and they love taking tons of photos and sharing them with their social networks. 

What Is A VSCO Girl Into?

Beyond the look, the VSCO girl is incredibly environmentally conscious. If you want to save the turtles or the whales, you might be a VSCO girl! One way that they support the environment is by only using hydro flasks and metal straws. VSCO girls are a reminder that you help the earth while being cute!

VSCO Stickers

VSCO stickers can be as awesome as you are! Whether you like the classink pink hat sticker, the save the turtles sticker, or even the scrunchie sticker, we have the best stickers for the VSCO girl in your life. These are perfect for a laptop, or for hydro flasks, MacBooks, skateboards, phone cases, cars, computers - you name it. There are cute VSCO stickers for every occasion! 

These are even UV resistant and waterproof VSCO stickers that can go through the dishwasher again and again without fading the colors. 

Stickers Pack

Check out our VSCO sticker pack, which is the perfect trendy gift for the vinyl sticker or decal lover in your life. Don't take our word for it. Checkout our customer reviews to see what everyone is saying about our stickers.

Not sure if the sticker you want is a VSCO sticker? All VSCO stickers are the following:


They need to be aesthetic stickers! They should be positive and encouraging no matter what!


The should keep up with all the latest trends. No one wants a sticker that's dated.


You don't want your stickers to rip or smudge. And you'll likely want to be able to put your Hydro Flask through the dishwasher. So before you buy any VSCO stickers, start by checking if it's waterproof! 

Cute Stickers and Trendy Stickers

Looking to transform into a VSCO Girl? Beyond the scrunchies, the shell choker and the Birkenstock sandals, every VSCO girl has a Hydro Flask or Yeti covered in stickers. These water bottle stickers need to be cute and trendy.  The most popular VSCO stickers are pink and yellow, and they include flowers, cups, hats, and anything that creates good vibes. These should be fun stickers that you use to show off your personality!