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Flower Stickers

Big Moods’ flower stickers and plant stickers let you bring the great outdoors with you wherever you go… outdoors included. We offer floral stickers of all varieties, colors, and art styles, whether you're looking for multicolor, pastel, watercolor, or even a flower sticker set with a little bit of everything. 

Our high quality, US made stickers are great for laptops, phone cases, scrapbooking, bumper stickers, and our flower themed vinyl stickers even work as home decor. They’re also waterproof if you’d like to add some plant based flair to your Hydroflask.

Got a favorite plant, flower, or botanical? There’s likely a Big Moods sticker to match. There’s a variety to choose from and our collection keeps growing (get it?). Choose from succulents, tulips, lotus flowers, peonies, hibiscus, daisies, magnolias, sunflowers, tulips, cacti, roses, monstera, houseplants, garden stickers, and more!

Check out our faves: Monstera Deliciosa houseplant sticker, the Radiate Positivity sunflower sticker, and this cool black and white inspo floral sticker.

Add a touch of nature to any of your favorite objects with our selection of floral and flower stickers. Perfect for notebooks, phone cases, card making, and more, our stickers come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from single flowers, bouquets, and more to find the perfect accent for your favorite item.

Also choose from a long list of colors including pink flowers, blue flowers,

purple flowers, red flowers, and even some black and white floral stickers.

Our Sticker Sizes

  • Regular - Our standard size stickers are right between small and large.
  • Small - Mini sticker packs come with 1” x 1” stickers.
  • Large - Big Moods’ complete sticker packs (21, 23, and mega) feature 3” x 3” stickers.

Big Moods Reviews

Our verified customers have reviewed Big Moods’ stickers 5/5 stars thousands of times. Over 90% of customers did so, in fact. Whatever you choose, our commitment to quality means you’ll get stickers you’ll love.

Support Important Causes

When you buy Big Moods stickers you’re supporting mental health awareness. Each year we donate to the mental health org Active Minds. In addition, we accept tips with your order, 100% of which goes to the American Cancer Society.

Automatic Discounts 

Get a scaling discount of up to 50%. This automatic discount applies a discount starting at 10% when you order 4 or more stickers. The bigger the order, the better the deal.

30-Day Returns & Refunds

Return your stickers for any reason within 30 days unopened and in their original packaging for a refund. 

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