Know Your Vine: Look at All Those Chickens

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Vine: Look at All Those Chickens

When: 2013

Where: Oop in Canada (Richmond, British Columbia)

Video Description: Riordan and I went for a walk when we came across all these flocking birds!

Look at All Those Chickens: The History

When you’re a kid, so many things can seem amazing or epic, especially a flock of birds. That was true for Riordan, a little kid (at least she was in 2013) From Richmond, British Columbia. And when you’re being blown away by a bunch of geese, who has time to remember the correct name of their species. So, speaking with her dad, she says “Look at all those chickens" (or Tskickens) with such self-confidence and perfect comedic timing. As she basks in the beauty of nature, little Riordan’s commentary is the perfect thing to make you smile.

Here’s the original video from 2013:

And here's the classic vine you know and love:

The Perfect Reference

If you haven’t heard this reference in the wild, here’s how "Look at all those chickens" works best. Simply use the phrase whenever you’re talking about a group of something besides chickens. Whether it’s ducks, cows, children, politicians, tornadoes, etc. this can be the ideal opportunity to drop this vine. Bonus points if you release say it when you’re out with friends experiencing the beauty of nature together.

Chicken Merch

And when you’re ready to join Riordan in her support of chickens, head on over to Big Moods for the perfect Look at All Those Chickens Vine Sticker.

Look at all those chickens

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